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FR Nice - Francie

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  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
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Tom C.

Poslal Tom C.

V červen 2011

A very professional school: small class sizes (2-6... Čtěte více

Steffi M.

Poslal Steffi M.

V červen 2010

I was at nice for 6 weeks, and couldn't speak any ... Čtěte více

Usha K.

Poslal Usha K.

V červen 2010

My two months stay at Idiom in Nice exceeded all m... Čtěte více


4 boulevard de Cimiez
le Majestic
PSČ : 06000
Město : Nice
Země : France

Tel. : +0033 (0)493926090
Fax. : +0033 (0)493925833
Latest student review

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Tom C.

Poslal Tom C. (London - United Kingdom)

V červen 2011 - United Kingdom

A very professional school: small class sizes (2-6) and small school (20-50), makes it friendly and intimate but slightly more expensive. However, worth every penny. Relatively low-tech (blackboard + chalk, CD player and handouts) but extremely effective with structured lessons: grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. Excursions are organised by the teachers themselves rather than others. Nice is great, but traffic and parking are impossible. Trains and buses are effective and cheap however. Of the 4 french language schools I have attended, IDIOM was probably the most effective and professional. It is aimed at adults rather than teenagers. Highly recommended.

Steffi M.

Poslal Steffi M. (Wil - Switzerland)

V červen 2010 - Switzerland

I was at nice for 6 weeks, and couldn't speak any word in french. I took french in school, but that's 11 years ago.
I was surprised, that i could learn the language on a "easy" way like that. The teachers could explain Words on different ways. Of course, i can not speak fluent now, but I know how to use the words and build sentences.
Also the social life in Nice was great. We had the time for seight-seeing, to prepare the "pain bagnat" which is realy great!, and a lot of other things.
I can realy reccomend IDIOM!

Usha K.

Poslal Usha K. (Stäfa - Switzerland)

V červen 2010 - Switzerland

My two months stay at Idiom in Nice exceeded all my expectations. There are three aspects that I enjoyed in particular about this school:

1. Teaching style: All teachers’ are competent and posses an excellent sense of humour. As a result this makes learning French easy and joyful.
2. Adaption to the needs of each student: After eight years without having spoken any French my teachers helped me finally understand “Le Subjontif”. Besides the regular exercises that we did in our group, they brought me additional exercises to get a profound understanding of its usage.
3. Social Environment: I enjoyed the easy-going atmosphere during and after school between the students but also with the teachers.

Overall and based on the wonderful experiences that I made at Idiom, I can only suggest this school.

Stephanie Z.

Poslal Stephanie Z. (Germany)

V duben 2010 - Germany

J’ai déjà suivi deux cours de français chez « Idiom » à Nice : en août 2009 et en février 2010. A chaque fois que je suis retournée en Allemagne, mes professeurs à l’université ont confirmé que j’ai fait des progrès énormes en français. En février j’étais là pour préparer un examen oral en grammaire, qui a eu lieu en mars. Après l’examen, l’examinatrice a dit : « Bravo ! Ils ont bien travaillé avec toi à Nice ! ». Je pense que cela joue en faveur de « Idiom ».
Les cours sont structurés en trois unités distinctes : vocabulaire, grammaire et communication. Chaque unité est enseignée par un professeur différent. Une méthode que je juge très efficace.
L’ambiance à l’école est très familiale et chaleureuse. Les professeurs sont motivés et compétents et ils considèrent les besoins particuliers de chaque élève. En plus, l’organisation des cours et de l’hébergement de la part de la direction était parfaite. Toute l’équipe de « Idiom » est merveilleuse. Un grand merci à tous.
Je recommande cette école fortement à tous ceux qui veulent améliorer leurs connaissances de français.

I spent two wonderful weeks at “Idiom”, Nice, in February 2010. This was already my second stay after two weeks in August 2009. After each language course my teachers at university in Germany confirmed that my French had made huge progress. In February I was there to prepare an oral exam that took place in March. After the exam my examiner said: “Bravo! They did a great job in Nice.” I think that speaks in favour of “Idiom”.
The course structure consists of three parts: vocabulary, grammar and communication. For each unit there is another teacher. In my opinion this is a great teaching method.
The atmosphere in the college is familial and warm-hearted. The teachers are motivated and qualified and they consider the particular needs of any student.
Furthermore the organisation of the courses and the accommodation on the part of the leadership team are perfect. The whole team of “Idiom” is marvellous. Thanks a million everyone!
I highly recommend this school to everybody who wants to improve his French language skills.

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