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CN Peking - Cina

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Jehisa M.

Poslal Jehisa M.

V listopad 2014 - La Altagracia

Mi Experiencia en LTL

LTL fue una muy buena experiencia ya que pude "viv... Čtěte více

Isabelle T.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Poslal Isabelle T.

V srpen 2014

Progresser de jour en jour

Je voulais partir en stage linguistique en Chine c... Čtěte více

Garrett B.

Poslal Garrett B.

V srpen 2014

Great School Great Experience

Howdy everyone, Just wanted to write a review f... Čtěte více


Guanghua Lu 2
Sunshing 100, #1611
PSČ : 100026
Město : Beijing
Země : China

Tel. : +86 10 51001269
Latest student review

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Jehisa M.

Poslal Jehisa M. (Bávaro - )

V listopad 2014

Mi Experiencia en LTL

LTL fue una muy buena experiencia ya que pude "vivir el idioma" como dice su nombre. Me quede con una familia excellente lo que hizo que mi experiencia fuera mejor. Los profesores y el staff en general son muy serviciales y siempre estan dispuestos a ayudarte aunque no tengan que hacerlo. La escuela esta ubicada en un lugar centrico y es muy facil de encontrar porque tiene estaciones de autobuses y de tren a menos de 10 minutos. La verdad que LTL fue una experiencia unica y estaria dispuesta a repetirla.

Isabelle T.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Poslal Isabelle T. (France)

V srpen 2014 - France

Progresser de jour en jour

Je voulais partir en stage linguistique en Chine car j'avais l'impression de stagner dans mon étude du chinois. J'avais du vocabulaire mais pas mal de difficultés à former des phrases spontanément.
De ce point de vue, j'ai été plus que satisfaite : je pouvais voir mes progrès de jour en jour, remarquer que je comprenais mieux les émissions de télé que la veille. Pour ça il faut vraiment loger chez l'habitant pour être en permanence dans le bain.
Seul bémol : beaucoup de cours par jour... donc peu de temps pour visiter les monuments.

Garrett B.

Poslal Garrett B. (Houston - USA)

V srpen 2014 - USA

Great School Great Experience

Howdy everyone,

Just wanted to write a review for LTL outlining how my experience went. Just a little bit about me. I am recent college grad and have come to Beijing to study Chinese. before I left the United States I was right around HSK 3.

I understand how hard it is selecting a school to study at, especially in China. You have to deal with accommodations, visa, etc. I spent many hours researching before I left and after spending 3 months with LTL am very happy with my experience. While in China I only dealt with LTL so I cannot comment on other schools. They were able to help me get a visa for my study duration and also book accommodations (small room). I was satisfied with the accommodations it's about a 45 minute ride by subway to the school which is not bad. There is also a lot of food in the area. The teaching at the school was professional and very beneficial to my Chinese. My teachers that I had during my stay at the school were patient, and receptive to my personal study needs. As far as activities with the school, they have a weekly dinner and the students typically go out on the weekend. Also once a month the school plans a trip to the Wild wall, I did not get a chance to attend but I heard it was a lot of fun. As far as my Chinese goes my level has improved quite a bit, but I encourage serious students to go out and seek Chinese friends/activities. The school can also help you do this, they I were able to help me locate a badminton club which I attended every other week. Lastly I want to mention that there was a couple of times I was sick over my time at LTL. They were helpful and gave me locations of medicine/hospital which is the last thing you want to worry about when you are sick.

Overall LTL is a great school, I am happy with my selection and hope to return to try out another program with them soon. Good luck to everyone.

Emilie F.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Poslal Emilie F. (rochester - USA)

V srpen 2014 - USA

emilie's review

My experience at LTL has been really fun. The social life at LTL is pretty good, it's really easy to make friends and all the staff is friendly and accommodating. They've made it really easy for me to get around Beijing and making sure that I am safe no matter where I go. My homestay family was really nice and I don't have any complaints about it except for my bed being too hard.

Megan T.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Poslal Megan T. (Seattle - USA)

V červenec 2014 - USA

Megan's Review

LTL Mandarin School in Beijing has, so far, brought me an enjoyable experience. At first I was hesitant on signing up for the 'Homestay', but since Alex kept pushing for it, I gave it a try for a couple days and it turned out to be okay. Knowing that I can come home to dinner overnight/have somebody to call in case I need help late at night is comforting. Assimilating into the Chinese lifestyle is more difficult, but it is a good learning experience. Overall, Alex is fairly attentive, at least to me. On the first day of class he asked me if I was alright with my homestay thus far and was intent on changing my situation if I was unhappy. Not only that but he has answered all the questions I've had for him so far, and patiently too, so I appreciate that. As for the lessons, they are relatively well-structured and in the 2 weeks I have been here, I felt I have learned a lot, (at least in the writing class--my experience is a little different than most). The atmosphere of the school is laid back as well, which promotes the learning experience, in my opinion. Sometimes the organization throws me off a little, (like not having breakfast until 2 hours in on the first morning/having to take that lousy elevator up to the 29th floor), but these are petty complaints that haven't completely taken away from my experience here. Lastly, it's a fun school because the staff plans lots of things for the students to take part in, and the intimate environment of classes helps classmates develop friendships easily.

Ian R.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Poslal Ian R. (Dublin - Ireland)

V březen 2014 - Ireland

Solid school

A good place to study at. Nice team, good teachers, fun classmates and a great location. My room in the shared apartment was ok, but the internet very slow.

Charleen M.

Poslal Charleen M. (Belgium)

V říjen 2013 - Belgium

Great Summer

I spent my summer vacation studying Mandarin at LTL this year and it was one of my best holidays ever. I learned a lot both about the language and the culture and especially my homestay was a lot of fun.
Mandarin turned out to be not as difficult as I had thought it was and I enjoyed learning it. I will continue to do so when I get home and hope to be back at LTL maybe already in the winter again.

Tina M.

Poslal Tina M. (Cologne - Germany)

V srpen 2013 - Germany

Two city combo

The six weeks in China were amazing. I first studied in Beijing for three weeks and then went to Chengde for another three. The two cities could not be more different and it was a great opportunity to see the huge differences between them. My Mandarin improved a lot in those six weeks thanks to the excellent teaching, my Chinese host mother, and the language environment in Chengde. For Chinese immersion courses LTL is a fantastic choice which I am very happy to have made.

Jacqueline M.

Poslal Jacqueline M. (Singapore - Singapore)

V červenec 2013 - Singapore


I spent a year with LTL in Beijing and it was great. The team is so much fun, my two teachers both were great, and my made a lot of very good friends. The environment is very international, which was at least for me a very new experience.
I lived in a homestay for the first five months of the course, which I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a real feel of the culture and improve their spoken Chinese quickly.
I will never forget the last 12 months and already started to miss China/Beijing/my LTL friends

Maria S.

Poslal Maria S. (Madrid - Spain)

V květen 2013 - Spain

Great school

I spent a lot of time researching Chinese schools before coming to China and chose LTL mainly because of their online reputation. It was a very good choice. The team is very helpful, both my teachers were excellent, and the program very well administered. It was very important for me to have a school that backed me up while in China, not only with classes, but with settling into a country that is amazing, but very different to what I was used to.
The Chinese family I stayed with was also very nice and I do recommend studying at LTL.

Sabine M.

Poslal Sabine M. (Berlin - Germany)

V leden 2013 - Germany

Lovely Family

I studied for three months with LTL Live the Language and it was on of the most fun times of my life. The courses were very interesting, and me and my classmates had a lot of fun. I particularly liked the Chinese family the school found for me to stay with. I think without speaking Chinese at home my language progress would have been not as good and I would have missed out on a lot of cultural stuff that you just dont see unless you are "part" of a family. The LTL team was super helfpul, the courses organised very efficiently - I liked it a lot.

Peter W.

Poslal Peter W. (Austria)

V prosinec 2012 - Austria

Winter Course

This is the second time I am doing a course at LTL and I love the school. The staff is very nice and the atmosphere here a lot of fun. My two teachers are both really good, nice and patient.
I particularly like the Chinese family I am staying with (same as last time), food is great and I really do speak a lot of Chinese which is important for me.

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